Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council





Sign Off at AGM 2020: Mon 11th May 2020


Mrs. E. Madocks Wright (Chairman)

Mr T Lomas (VC)

Mrs F.P.F. Read

Mr R Marsh

Mr R Easom

Bharat Rana (Clerk)


1 member of the public

Member of Public wished to discuss the VE Day Celebrations Friday 8th May 2020 as a village activity. 7pm -10.30pm. Visitors bring their own drink and volunteers make food of the VE Day Celebrations era. The event will include decorations, games, perhaps a fancy-dress parade for children. Donations of images/ memorabilia etc from that era will be asked for from residents at Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council Mon 27th April.

The Parish Council agreed to help fund the event with a donation of £100.



  1. Apologies: None
  2. To approve the minutes of the previous Feb 10th Extraordinary meeting
  3. Declarations of interest. Cllr Read. See agenda item Planning Matters7b
  4. Matters arising from Minutes Feb 10th Extraordinary meeting
  5. Assets of community value update. Chairman and Vice Chairman visited Mr and Mrs Wakefield to advise of getting The Black Horse pub on the Assets of Community Value Register. MBC have accepted the nomination.


The Wakefield’s have the following idea for the Pub.

Put in a bedsit on the left side of the bar.

Right hand side small bar with “light eats” menu.

Patang area will be used for new house build, access from Farm Drive. There may be loading / unloading issues.

They wish to live within the community and believe that the 300-year-old pub cannot be sustained as a pub and no buyers are coming forward.


  1. Correspondence
  2. Postal address/ change of name from - Grimston Lodge Stud, 75 Main Street, Grimston, Melton Mowbray to GRIMSTON LODGE STABLES. Agreed by PC.
  3. Book-keeping & Year End Accounts training 3rd March 2020. New Clerk to attend.
  4. GB Spring Clean 2020 Sunday 5th April. Meet at Village Hall at 10am. Clerk to collect supplies. Notice boards to be duly signed accordingly and message through VL too.
  5. Melton Borough tenants prosecuted for not clearing their garden
  6. National Village Hall and Community Building Census launched
  7. Agencies work round-the-clock during Storm Dennis: Press Release


  1. Accounts as of 6th Feb 2020

Current Account Balance                              £3956.63

Deposit Account Balance                                £2143.80


No cheque payments on this occasion.


  1. Planning Matters.
  2. (Resubmission under Permitted Development) | Stable Opposite 73 Main Street Grimston 20/00099/GDOCOU. Neighbours have provided evidence that it has been in agricultural use.
  3. The Barn 1A Perkins Lane Grimston LE14 3DB. 19/00961/FULHH. PC have agreed it to be a positive planning approach and provided clerk with positive observations to post on the MBC Planning site.


  1. Any Other Business.

Historic England have rejected the addition of the water trough near Village Green as it doesn’t meet their criteria.  Concrete drive was widened and this affected the spring. There is a pump and it’s on David Moseley land. PC will look to having it protected as part of the Village Green.


Village Green registration Clerk to chase up and once complete PC will formally thank the Joy estate for their help and support during this transfer.


Annual speaker will be confirmed by Cllr Marsh. Additional suggestions from PC, The Dogs Trust, Carnegie Museum for VE Day theme with speaker, Melton Detectorist Society and NFU.


  1. Date and Venue of next Meetings at Grimston Village Hall


  1. Annual Parish Meeting 2020. MON 27th April 2020
  2. AGM 2020: Mon 11th May 2020









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