Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council







Mrs. E. Madocks Wright (Chairman)

Mr T Lomas (VC)

Mrs F.P.F. Read

Mr R Marsh

Mr R Easom

Bharat Rana (Clerk)


Cllr J. Orson

Cllr R. Browne


12 members of the public


  1. NA

Public Discussion

Chair introduced to 12 members of Public the PC, Newly appointed Clerk Janice Kemp and Cllrs Orson and Browne.

Chair explained the Extraordinary meeting was arranged to discuss the Grimston Parish need to protect Community Assets and one of them being The Black Horse pub which has recently been closed.

Community view is that they wish to keep the pub open.

Mike Petty has received 25 testimonials from locals who believe the closure of the Pub will have a direct impact on their Business and community. He conveyed options that are available to the locals to ensure the Pub stays open. Part of this is to register the Pub as a community asset.

The residents present agreed to support Mike Petty in his endeavours along with Cllr Orson and Cllr Browne.

Both MBC Councillors present said they would support the Parish to keep the Pub open and would speak to Cllr Higgins. Cllr Orson warned of the dangers of tying up a pub in a Community Assets wrangle where the progress might be slow, and the building goes into further disuse and poor state of repair as with two other local pubs. It was explained by the Chair, if there was an opportunity for a community bid the PC are not allowed to lead the bid.      




Cllr Orson mentioned that Alicia Kearns is doing a great job and perhaps she could be the speaker at the AGM on 27th April if one had not yet been appointed.


CLLR Easom asked Cllr Browne, why the PC were not allowed to speak at the Application to Committee regards a recent planning application. CLLR Browne assured the PC that he was there representing the interests of the PC and applicant and he made sure the PC comments of support for the application were known. In future if PC would like to make comments in person then the request should be made to the committee on a Monday before the actual Thursday night meeting.


  1. To approve the minutes of the previous meeting
  2. Declarations of interest. NA
  3. Matters arising from Meeting Jan 2020. NA


  1. Correspondence
  2. Budget setting for Parish. Budget agreed.
  3. Update of Clerks interviews. Janice Kemp has been appointed and will take over at AGM 11th May 2020.
  4. Register of assets of community value. After some discussion the pc agreed to support the nomination of the pub as community asset with help from Mike Petty and Cllrs Orson and Browne.
  5. Overgrown hedge back of Red House Farm 11 Main Street, Grimston. Joe Orson mention this was a Leicestershire County Council issue and provided emails for correspondence.
  6. Event planning for VE day. PC agreed not to be involved. The village hall has commemorated such events before as the village hall committee. Perhaps they will do this again.


  1. Accounts as of 6th Jan 2020

Current Account Balance                              £4622.56

Deposit Account Balance                                £2143.80









  1. Planning Matters.
  2. NA


  1. Any Other Business.
  2. a. Postal addressing/ Name change - Site at: Grimston Lodge Stud, 75 Main Street, Grimston, Melton Mowbray (GRIMSTON LODGE STABLES) to be discussed at next meeting 24th Feb 2020.
  3. Date and Venue of next Meetings at Grimston Village Hall


  1. Next Parish meeting Mon 24th Feb 2020. Grimston Village Hall
  2. Annual Parish Meeting 2020. MON 27th April 2020
  3. AGM 2020: Mon 11th May 2020










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