Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council


MONDAY 4th May 2020 via Zoom


Present: Chair - Cllr Etta Madocks Wright, Cllr Richard Easom, Cllr Rupert Marsh, Cllr Tony Lomas, Cllr Fleur Read, Cllr Ronan Browne of Melton Borough Council and the incoming clerk Janice Kemp (JK) and outgoing clerk Bharat Rana (BR) with 16 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Joe Orson of Leicestershire County Council


  1. Cllr Madocks Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting and briefed the protocols for the on line meeting, including the information that the meeting would be recorded. She asked if any members of the press were present and no one came forward.

She thanked Clerk Rana for his work as Parish Clerk and welcomed Clerk Kemp to the role.


  1. All the public questions and comments were about the Black Horse planning permission with several members of the public asking questions to each other and to the Council.

The Chair detailed that the Melton Borough Council (MBC) planning portal will take comments for 21 days from when the ‘yellow’ notice went up on 1st May.

A member of the public shared that there was a new access and design statement on MBC website and this detailed the application’s background. Many questions asked were asked within the public members and to Councillors. Topics taken for further consideration by a member of the public included fire rating, disability access, how many people will the pub hold comfortably.

Cllr Ronan explained there is a due process to go through including public participation, and that comments put onto the website need to be kept polite and factual.

Cllr Browne added that this application will go to the planning committee, maybe by the end of May 2020.


  1. Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda – none
  2. The Councillors unanimously approved the minutes of the previous meeting of 24th Feb 2020 and these were signed by Cllr Madocks Wright.


  1. Matters arising from Minutes 24th February 2020
    1. The Black Horse was listed on the Assets of Community Value register (ACV) – letter dated 7th April 2020.
    2. Confirmation on the Village Green registration is outstanding.
    3. To assess if the village trough can be included in the protection of the village green is outstanding.


  1. Planning Matters.
    1. Stable Opposite 73 Main Street Grimston 20/00099/GDOCOU – planning granted 20.03.2020 under permitted development rights.
    2. 20/00391/FUL Black Horse application. Change of use – part conversion of public house to 2 bedroom flat. Alterations to first floor flat access. Conversion of outbuilding to 2 bedroom dwelling. Retain part public house.

As well as the public section of the meeting as above, each councillor spoke on this topic and the vote was unanimous to oppose the planning application. The council has supported putting The Black Horse onto the register of ACV and this planning application is not compatible with this aspect.

The Councillors to co-ordinate with Cllr Browne on next steps, there are 4 minutes given at the planning committee for each submission.

  1. 20/00270/GDOCOU Brook Farm, Saxelbye application. Conversion of existing open hay barn to dwelling. A site visit to be arranged for Councillors to enable observations to be provided. Listed on 29th April with 21 days to comment.
  2. 20/00392/DIS The Rosary 9, Main Street Saxelbye. Discharge of condition 3 (landscaping scheme and materials) of planning permission 16/00737/FUL is noted. No action required.


  1. Matters Arising:
    1. The Councillors unanimously approved to run meetings remotely for the foreseeable future due to the restrictions on public gatherings, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The legislation is in place for council meetings to be virtual for 12 months. The standing order of 03.09.2012 to be updated (JK).
    2. The impact of Coronavirus was discussed as follows:
      1. The cancellation of VE Day Celebrations of 08.05.2020. A donation of £100 which was originally agreed for this event is now on hold.
      2. The National Spring Clean has been delayed, new dates of 11th to 27th September 2020 have been given.
  • The cancellation of the Parish council Meeting of 30th March and Annual Parish Meeting of 27th April.
  1. A Coronavirus community volunteer mobile phone was set up in the parish on 26th March. The council have agreed to meet the monthly mobile costs of £16 per month until the ‘lockdown’ is lifted. Cllr Madocks Wright to speak with Caroline Hartley.
  2. The impact on the budget includes the costs of Zoom subscription month by month of approx. £12/ month, and this could be for 12 months. As the meetings are remote, there will be no village hall hire charges, which is £10/hour. Training costs on 30.04.2020 for Zoom was £60 and future training costs may occur.
  3. There may be additional funding available – to be reviewed.


  1. Correspondence
  • The playground inspection is due in May 2020.
  • Support and thank you letters to local and parish councils have been received from Alicia Kearns MP and Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick MP.
  • Melton Borough Council are running a Best Dressed Window competition, with a prize of £50 if these photos are posted on social media. Further information on MBC website.


  1. Finance – payments have been made as follows with the note that most of these relate to 2019/2020, but will come into 2020/2021 accounts.

Date paid


invoice number

chq no





Bharat Rana (Final)

Clerks Pay






LRALC Clerks Training







LRALC membership fee







Eon elec







Saxelbye PPC







Grimston Village Hall









Grand total





  • Precept has arrived of £3,200.00 this is the 1st instalment of 20/21 (email 30.04.2020).
  • BHIB insurance is due 01 June (emailed 08.04.2020) £335.90 this will require to be approved to be paid at the next meeting.
  1. Any Other Business.

Clerk JK requested that the website arrangements are reviewed and added to the matters arising section of the agenda.

  1. Date and Venue of next Meetings
    • Online AGM 2020: Mon 11th May 2020 19.30 by Zoom
    • Parish Meetings 2020 agreed as - 22nd June, 27thJuly, 28th September, 26th October, 30th November – these will be held either in the Parishes’ Village Halls or by online arrangements.
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