Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council


Held MONDAY 26th October 2020 @ 19.30 via Zoom


Present: Chair - Cllr Etta Madocks Wright, Cllr Rupert Marsh, Cllr Richard Easom, Cllr Tony Lomas, Cllr Fleur Read, District Cllr Ronan Browne for Frisby Ward, Cllr Joe Orson Leader of Melton Borough Council, Clerk Janice Kemp and 5 members of the public.


  1. Cllr Madocks Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting and briefed the protocols for the on-line meeting, including the information that the meeting would be recorded. No Apologies were received. No declarations of interest on items on the agenda were received.


  1. Updates from Cllr Orson included the proposed plans for unitary authority, including that 2nd December the LCC will vote on the topic. The 7 local MPs and 7 local councils are against the current proposal of 1 authority of over 750,000 people, which would make it the second largest council in the U.K. Other options include joining east and west, north and south, with Rutland, with Charnwood etc. Cllr Orson will keep the Parish Council updated.

Covid-19 rates in the County have been rising, including an increase in hospital admissions.

Cllr Browne briefed the MBC initiatives to develop in the Parish and will send details.


  1. A member of the public updated the meeting on The Black Horse Community Group activity. A meeting was held in August. A committee of 8 people has been formed and they have held half a dozen meetings. A constitution has been written and adopted. They have had extensive contact with the Blunkett Foundation and on the verge of joining. The Group are investigating legal structures for Community ownership of the pub and have written a business plan around that. They have opened a bank account. The Group have spoken with the owners who have very kindly agreed for allow access to the pub to enable a valuation to take place. Quotations from a number of estate agents for carrying out valuations have been obtained. Under the advice of the Blunkett Foundation a questionnaire has been written and circulated, this is to gain feedback of what people would like to see. Alongside this, is a request for donations towards carrying out the valuation. There will be an article in the Melton Times and there has been a couple of Radio Leicester interviews. The level of donations is where they are now ready to appoint a valuer to carry out a red book valuation.


  1. The Councillors unanimously approved the minutes of the meeting of 28th September 2020 and these were signed by Cllr Madocks Wright.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes of 28.09.2020


  1. The village green land registration – no further correspondence received from Hunters Law LLP, who was emailed on 12th October 2020. Clerk to email for an update.
  2. The GRC Tribunal appeal hearing ref: The Black Horse ACV REF CR/2020/0006 Haydn David Wakefield vs Melton Borough Council & Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council – Mr H Wakefield submitted a response to the Parish Council response, as second responders, on 29th MBC have collated the ‘bundle’ of papers and sent these to all parties on 16th October.

The GRC have confirmed by email of 16th October that the case will be decided without a hearing. Parties will not be told of a date in advance. This is to enable the Tribunal to list cases more flexibly. The hearing will be after the 30th October 2020.

  1. The Community Heartbeat have transferred the Saxelbye phone box to the Parish Council. A paint voucher has been applied for. Clerk to contact Chris Woodhouse to see if he is interested to bring it back to life.
  2. Cllr Marsh is awaiting feedback on his Highway enquiries around long lorries on Ostler Lane in Saxelbye. Cllr Orson has offered to support in this matter through LCC. Clerk to send Cllr Orson the details.

The manhole cover in Saxelbye Park has been dealt with.

With respect to the question of lighting brightness – unless it needs planning permission there is no set brightness controls -  you should ensure that the intensity and direction of light does not disturb others. Ensure that beams are not pointed directly at windows of other houses. 

  1. The Chairman and Clerk completed the survey from LCC’s National Highways & Transport Survey
  2. Internet provision within the parish was discussed with the Clerk providing the P.C. with a briefing note. There are three options for internet provision - fibre, wireless provider such as or 4G/5G.  Community Fibre Partnership vouchers from DCMS are available until March 2021 – it is not known what scheme will take over after this. Residents can claim £1500 each and business £3500 in vouchers to get fibre to their properties. If enough people join up the costs of the infrastructure may or may not be covered. The commitment is that when a service becomes available you will purchase the service.

Due to GDPR the level of desire for improved broadband is unknown. Openreach said approx. 40 premises (residential and business) do not have fibre, but they may have coverage by other means. After various options were discussed it was agreed that a form would be created by the Clerk for gaining the level of broadband requirements.

  1. Village Life Magazine – up and running again and a thank you to Mike Petty for printing this.
  2. Notice of public rights and publication of Annual Governance and Accounts return (AGAR), ended 7th October there were no requests for information received during this time and the notices were taken down 15th
  3. Play Area Hedge to be cut - Cllr Easom has confirmed that Hyslops will cut this hedge as part of their work. A cost is to be confirmed by Cllr Easom. It was noted that this is the only hedge the Parish Council cut, it was previously done as part of Hillside Farm hedge cutting with no cost to the Parish Council.


  1. Matters arising
  2. Councillors feedback and comments on the White Paper on planning (email 02.10.2020) included concern on the Levy from a councillor. Cllr Orson commented that the proposal is causing unrest and the MBC and LCC will be replying fully. Therefore, the Parish Council unanimously agreed to leave the response to these councils and not to respond as a Parish Council. 
  3. Act of Remembrance at Grimston War Memorial 11th November 2020. Cllr Lomas has attended to the weeds and will cut the hedge before the event. A notice has been published Village Life. The start time was agreed at 10.45am. Due to Covid -19 restrictions Cllr Maddocks Wright requested a poster be put up to include a request that people register with her for the event. Clerk to action.
  4. A review of Standing Orders to be moved to November meeting.
  5. Clarification of the topic of cars parking on pavements was given, currently under Government consultation with the recommendation expected 2021. The Clerk updated the council: It is important to recognise that in many narrow streets pavement parking is necessary to maintain free-flowing traffic, including for emergency services. Local authorities are best placed to assess how parking should be managed in their communities.

Pavement parking has been prohibited in London since 1974. While successive governments have recognised there is no perfect solution to this complex problem, the Govt are looking at this issue in detail. Following the DfT’s detailed review of pavement parking and the government’s response to the Transport Committee’s 2019 report on pavement parking (published 12 March 2020) there is a consultation published 31st August 2020 seeking views on some options to help local authorities to tackle this problem.

Currently in the rest of England, parking on pavements and verges is permitted unless specifically prohibited by a local authority (either street-by-street or zonally); the prohibition requiring a formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

The Parish Council agreed to close the topic.

  1. Planning Matters.

An Update was received from J. Worley of MBC  to the questions asked at the previous meeting.

Q: Are there any planning restrictions / rules about farm shops - can they be started without planning permission?

A: Generally speaking, they will need permission, but there are exceptions depending on scale etc.

They will also need to be EHO registered, e.g. Woodland View Farm Shop has 5 Stars, the top score.


Q: How do the Parish Council find out more about the 6 Hills Garden village Development? which I understand straggles 2 council areas - Melton and Charnwood?

A: I am the case officer for the Melton element and can advise. I am aware of the Charnwood component Charnwood P/20/0762/2  – a later addition.

            On the former the planning application has been with us for a long while, 17/01374/OUT.  The current position is that it is frozen whilst the applicant undertakes studies into the traffic impact on the A46 for many miles in both directions, and local roads as well. This will extend until the new year at least. Cllr Orson added that Highways England have a Holding Objection on this.

Update on current planning applications including:

20/00448 Approved Decision Notice - Woodland View and Saxelbye Pastures

20/00989 Approved Decision Notice – Shoby Lodge Farm, Loughborough Road, Shoby with 4 conditions of note is number 4 where the dwelling shall always remain ancillary to and not be sold, leased nor otherwise disposed of separately from, the main dwelling.


  1. Correspondence
  • Wildflower Verge Scheme 2021/22 (email of 02.10.2020) - this correspondence let to a debate on the timing of grass cutting in the Parish and by residents and that delaying this would give rise to more flowers and wildflowers. The P.C. unanimously agreed not to participate in the Wildflower Verge Scheme, but do wish see more wildflowers in the Parish and asked this to be an agenda point at the next meeting. The Village Green does not need anymore mowing, The Clerk believed it had had its last mow of 2020.
  • Information on MBC joins forces with EMC to showcase Kickstart scheme opportunities to businesses was given.
  • Information on Melton preparing for Christmas time: works due to start on renovating the Christmas tree pit was given.
  • A member of the public raised the roadside trees on the church grounds.

“A few years ago, they were cropped somewhat, and currently they have grown considerably both from a width and height perspective. Could the Parish Council look into having them cropped again? “

As this is a Church item, Mr A Moore was contacted on behalf of the parishioner and his update is “Just to confirm that at a meeting of the Parochial Church Council this evening, (19th October) the state of the trees in the churchyard was discussed.  Advice and a quotation for pollarding the trees have already been received from one tree surgeon.  Meetings have been arranged with a view to obtaining advice and quotations from two more firms.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if the Parish Council requires any further information.” Clerk Kemp to reply to the member of the public.

  • A member of the public has let us know

“Have had various frankly unpleasant conversations re the hedge on the village road side of the village hall with Ben Shouler as they apparently manage the field! it is an eyesore and should be cut at this time of year. Also the concrete posts opp me we are trying to tidy up the village! Also, far too much traffic thru the village i.e. tractor etc at vast speeds.”

The councillors who have contractors will let them know that adverse comments have been made. On the condition of the hedge it is not a P.C. responsibility. The P.C. believe that the hedge will be cut as part of the farm work. Following the topic on wildflowers, the councillors also noted that hedges are a good habitat for wildlife as well. A balance is needed. The concrete posts referred to were part of an old fence, again not within the remit of the P.C. A few years ago, a traffic survey was completed. Clerk to locate survey and reply to the member of the public.

  • Workshops are available on the proposed changes for the acute and maternity services “We would like to invite you to attend a workshopto discuss the proposals with you in detail, and hear about how they may impact on you, your service users and your families.”  This is noted and agreed unanimously that it is up to individuals to participate if they wish.
  • NALC correspondence on 1. Have any councillors that have undertaken impressive projects around themes of Housing, Climate change, Health and wellbeing, Local transport, Youth. It was agreed unanimously that no action to be taken. Standard of conduct in public office survey  - Clerk to complete the survey.
  • Melton Borough Council is asking residents to share their views on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected their daily lives and the way they interact with services and facilities within the Borough. By completing a survey, the Council wants to gather residents’ views on how the current situation has affected their use of the town centre and what they would like to visit the town centre for in future. To be added for discussion to the next agenda, to get residents involved by putting a notice in Village Life and on the Noticeboards – Clerk to action. Cllr Browne to check how Parish Council’s views can be considered.


  1. Website Arrangements update and WCAG 2.1 compliance deadline.

The invoice to 2commune is presented to be paid, then they set up an online project kick-off meeting. This is typically two to three weeks from receiving payment. Cllr Read, Cllr Marsh and Cllr Madocks Wright expressed an interest in assisting this process.

Of note that until the new website is up and running the P.C. unanimously agreed that we do not have the resources or finances to update the current website in line with WCAG 2.1, that is it is a disproportionate burden to expect us to do this.


  1. Finance
    1. Financial update as of 6th October the deposit account has £2,145.92 and the current account has £6,816.66 with the precept payment of £3,200 being added 28th
    2. Payments unanimously approved as below:




BDG mowing contractors

Mowing for September



Electricity invoice for September lighting


DCK Accounting Solutions

Payroll for July - September 2020







Zoom subscription July


Zoom subscription August


Zoom subscription September


Zoom subscription October


British Legion wreath and ribbon


 From Tesco - stamps and paper


2commune Ltd

Set up and first year subscription for parish council website hosting



  1. The Chairman and Clerk are now on the mandate as signatories and able to ask at the Bank questions regarding the account. It was agreed that until we have internet banking there are 2 people, NOT including the Clerk, to sign the cheques.

The councillors unanimously agreed for the Parish Council via the Clerk to progress internet banking with HSBC with the Clerk as the primary user and Cllr Madocks Wright as a secondary user – this person will be able to see the bank information on line and this provides another cross check.

  1. 2021 / 2022 Budget discussions included that Village Hall costs be included as these are higher than Zoom costs; to put £1000 into reserves; Local elections due 2021 costs to be included; the cost of defibrillator batteries is £282 each and 2 are needed in 2021; other costs as 2020/2021 budget. No money to be budgeted for moles or painting white posts – volunteers to be found for this. A separate zoom meeting before the next P.C. meeting to be held to discuss Clerk’s salary and the budget once the agreed figures are put in. Clerk to organise.
  2. HSBC letter reference Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATCA – A letter dated 25th September 2020 has been sent to HSBC to clarify the request – awaiting a response.
  3. VAT return – not yet completed.
  4. PAYE system update – not yet completed
  1. Any Other Business and agenda points for next meeting

Mowing  and MBC Covid-19 survey

Date and Venue of the next Meeting -30th November 2020 on line.

Parish Meetings 2021 dates – January 11th, February 22nd, March 29th - These will be held either in the Parishes’ Village Halls or by online arrangements.

Annual Parish Meeting April 12th 2021

Annual Parish Council Meeting AGM May 17th 2021

The meeting closed at 21:25


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