September 2017



Mr. R. Marsh (Chairman)
Mr. R. Easom
Mr. J.A. Lomas
Miss F. Read
Mrs. E. Madocks Wright
Mrs. M. Fenton (Clerk)

Cllr, E. Hutchison
5 Members of the Public
Susan Oakes, Melton Borough Council’s Safety Officer
John Preston - Rural Community Council

APOLOGIES  - Cllr. J. Orson

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Meeting and introduced Susan Oakes and John Preston.  They gave an informative presentation on Cyber Crime and Internet Safety.  This includes any crime that involves computers.  It is important to make people aware and Rural Community Council are supporting the campaign Action Fraud.  It is important that all fraud is reported, at present only 1/5th is reported.  It will then be investigated by N.F.I.B. (National Fraud Investigation Board.  Action Fraud can be contacted on
0300 123 2040 to report crimes or for more information.  Agreed slides would be emailed to Clerk and put on website and forwarded to anyone interested.
The Chairman thanked Susan Oakes and John Preston for attending and they then left the Meeting.

Chairman asked if any members of the public had any matters they wish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council.

Jane Easom reported the next Broadband Stakeholder Meeting is to be held on Monday 9th October at County Hall 6 - 8 pm. To be advertised in Village Life, on Notice Boards and at Coffee Meeting.  Important to make sure time scale is still on track.  Clerk stated green box was to be sited on Main Street (not far from Bus Shelter) and Nial Mullin has stated will be sufficiently close for everyone in Grimston.  Jane disagreed and will discuss at Stakeholder Meeting.


The Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th July 2017 were approved and signed.


The Members had no interests to declare at this stage.


Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings - Cllr. Hutchison will contact Jim Worley and discuss further at next Meeting.  Put on Agenda of next Meeting

Parish Council Website -  Clerk reported new website is now up and running.  Involved considerable amount of work for Alison.  She has now put on all information from Clerk to comply with Transparency Code.  Invoice from Stuart Inkley was higher than quote but extra cost includes General Business Hosting, UK Domain Name Registration and Software (which at first were told would not be necessary).  After paying balance on invoice, cost each year will be £99.99 hosting and bi-annually £25 lease for UK Domain Name.   Website address to be put in Village Life.

Transparency Fund 2017 - 2018 Application  Clerk reported she has filled in Application in draft for cost of setting up new website.  Money is available for Parish Council to have own laptop and scanner/printer and feels this would be best way forward.  Will also need word and excel software to comply with Transparency Fund.  Can also claim some staffing costs and suggests should claim 2 hours per month @ £10 per hour to be paid to Alison for work updating website each month.  Will be paid from 1st July to 31st March next year.
Parish Council agreed to Clerk’s proposals.

Community Response Plan Update - Gary Carter has handed Template and Toolkit back as does not have the time to get involved.  Circulated and will discuss at next Meeting.

Speeding Traffic Survey in Grimston - Dave Gibson has confirmed further covert speed checks will be undertaken and got permission to put detection equipment on wooden poles closer to entry of village.

Play Area -  Margaret Sleath has requested play area hedge is cut and weeds etc. cut back by side of Play Area.  Clerk to ask Ray Barratt to cut hedge.  Decided to leave the nettles etc. until next April.

Appointment of Parish Clerk - Advert has been put in Village Life, Website and Notice Boards.  Job Description been drawn up.  Decided to now advertise in LRALC Newsletter.


The following items were brought to the attention of the Council:-
Leics. County Council - Notice of Confirmation of Public Path Order Section 119 Highways Act 1980. Public Bridleway G67 (Part) The Lilacs, 35 Main Street, Grimston.

Aon Insurance - Changes to Local Councils policy.  Decided to cease involvement in Local Councils market and will not be offering renewal.
Melton Borough Council - Parish Liaison Meeting.  Monday 16th October at 7.00 pm at Council Offices. Richard will attend or send apologies.

LRALC - Melton Branch.  Now inactive Branch.

Rural Community Council - AGM & Conference to be held Thursday 28th September at Twycross Zoo.
No-one available to attend.

LRALC - Leicestershire’s Future Big Discussions Event about Great Communities.  Monday 2nd October at Asfordby Village Hall 6 - 9 pm.  Rupert & Richard to attend.

Melton Distributor Road Consultation.  Circulated correspondence and poster to be put on Notice Board.

Smart wheelie Speed Awareness stickers.

Booklets handed out:
Clerks & Councils Direct


Current Account      £1633.40               Deposit Account    £2136.63

Cheques signed since last Meeting:-
B & H Midland Services                        £  32.14
SI Computers Ltd.                            £450.00
Also DD Payment to Freeola Ltd.                    £    9.63

Cheques signed as follows:-
E-on (July & Aug charge)                        £  84.60
BDG Mowing Contractors (July & Aug)                £200.00
SI Computers Ltd.                            £274.99
B & H Midland Services (Stationery)                    £  15.60
E-On (Street Lighting Maintenance)                    £  45.14


Field 9734, Saxelbye (Application No. 17/00816/FUL).  Erection of multiple buildings to create a new farming complex.  Site Meeting has been held.  The Parish Council has the following observations:-
1.  There are no drainage plans with the Application, assume the run off will be taken care of.
2.  Concern was raised regarding lighting.  Adequate lighting will be required for security but should be
     minimal and shrouded.
3.  Important has the correct postal address.  It is not Main Street, Saxelbye.  The correct road is Ab Kettleby
     Road and it should be provided with own postcode to avoid confusion for deliveries etc.

Orchard House, 31 Main Street, Grimston  (Application No. 17/00897/FUL).   Approval of Planning Permission received.

The Rosary, 9 Main Street, Saxelbye (Application No. 16/00737/FUL).  Approval of Planning Permission received.

Aylesfords Cross County Course, Land west of Loughborough Road, Shoby
(Application No. 16/00461/FUL).  Notification of Appeal.



Wednesday 25th October 2017 at 7.30 pm at Grimston.
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