Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council


Held MONDAY 30th November 2020 @ 19.30 via Zoom


Present: Chair - Cllr Etta Madocks Wright, Cllr Rupert Marsh, Cllr Richard Easom, Cllr Tony Lomas, Cllr Fleur Read, District Cllr Ronan Browne for Frisby Ward, Clerk Janice Kemp and 5 members of the public.

Cllr Joe Orson Leader of Melton Borough Council (MBC) was not in attendance.


  1. Cllr Madocks Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting and briefed the protocols for the on-line meeting, including the information that the meeting would be recorded. No Apologies were received. No declarations of interest on items on the agenda were received.


  1. Updates from Cllr Browne included that this parish is in Tier 3 from 2nd December until 16th December for Covid-19 restrictions; along with the whole of Leicestershire. It has been a difficult time for businesses and another round of funding is available. MBC have support grants available and if you have applied before you can apply again. Cllr Browne asked that all present at this meeting to spread the word to people who could benefit and for them to contact MBC for details.

The Melton Mowbray Christmas market is cancelled this year due to concerns on public gatherings spreading the virus, this will have an impact onto town centre businesses. Cllr Orson and Cllr Higgins are establishing what further support is coming. Cllr Browne reflected that the impact of spending money to lessen the Covid-19 impact with in turn impact onto services in the future. The community have been resilient and the R number is coming down in the area. Cllr Browne contracted Covid-19 and is now well, with a thank you to everyone in the community during this time.

The Distributor road southern section will be delivered, with grant money being available.


  1. A member of the public updated the meeting on The Black Horse Community Group activity. The questionnaire issued had a 74% response rate in the parish, in addition there were responses from outside the parish. 91% of respondents indicated that it was important or very important to have a pub in the community. There were lots of great ideas to what sort of activities people would like to see and some of this will be covered in an article in the next Village Life Magazine.

Donations have been received and were enough to join the Plunkett Foundation, which is a charitable organisation to assist, in particular rural businesses, which has unlocked a huge amount of support. Sufficient funds have been donated along with a Plunkett foundation discount to engage a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors registered valuer who specialises in valuing pubs. With the assistance of the Wakefield family, he made his visit to the Black Horse recently. It is hoped to have the report on 9th December. There is therefore a committee meeting 9th December and on the basis the report is available, there is a meeting with Mr & Mrs and Haydn Wakefield on the 11th December. At this meeting it is expected that an offer for the Black Horse can be made. The Moratorium period triggered by offering the Black Horse for sale runs out on 14th December 2020 as can be seen on the MBC listing of assets of community value.


Another member of the public asked about the mowing of grass areas. Having planted bulbs in the grass near the church, they are already shooting and there are also bulbs outside the village hall. The member of the public voiced a concern that they could be damaged or mown off. It was asked if there was any way we could gentle remind people not to mow over the winter period to give the bulbs a chance to flower.

The discussion which followed covered that this is not an issue with the contracted mowing as they mow from April to October, it is where residents mow a section of verge. Cllr Madocks Wright suggested to mark them and have a quiet word with the residents. Cllr Easom gave details that this had been raised before, but attitudes to mowing had changed, from wishing for short grass to now wishing for more wildflowers and wildlife, with obvious differences of opinion on this subject. As it was an agenda point later in the meeting, the discussion here was suspended.


Another member of the public raised potholes in the road near Saxelbye Top Farm. It was explained that this is a LCC action and either the public can report this themselves or let the Clerk know and it can be reported on the public’s behalf.


  1. The Councillors unanimously approved the minutes of the meeting of 26th October 2020 and these were signed by Cllr Madocks Wright.


  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes of 26.10.2020


  1. Cllr Browne gave an update on the infrastructure priorities. This is only applicable if there is a significant development of for example 10 houses. It can be used as negotiation with a developer or land owner E.g. village hall improvements, & play area improvements. At the moment this is unlikely in this parish, as it is in SS3 village category and does not currently have any multi house planning applications in place. But the MBC planners see it as important that all places have this infrastructure list in place under section 106, of items that could be legally funded. Another example where funds could be given was if the Six Hills Garden Village development occurred. It should be reviewed annually or when there are elections.
  2. The Village Green land registration – Ian Layzell-Smith contacted the Clerk; it is hoped this is registered very soon.
  3. The GRC Tribunal appeal hearing & update on the ACV for The Black Horse REF CR/2020/0006.No further update.
  4. Saxelbye phone box is now under the ownership of the Parish Council. The Clerk is awaiting end of lock down and better weather to contact Chris Woodhouse. Another volunteer has stepped forward.
  5. Highway enquiries around long lorries on Ostler Lane – Cllr Marsh detailed that the Highways were looking at the wrong cross roads. Cllr Marsh to update next meeting.
  6. Further correspondence about road safety in Grimston had been received by the Parish Council, which was read verbatim. Cllr Madocks Wright thanked the member of the public for the email. The key request is for the Parish Council to consider measures to alert drivers to possible hazards such as a 20mph zone, signage and yellow lines to indicate the road narrows to a single track by the church or at the very least a warning sign to indicate children / pedestrians / horses / cyclists using the road.

As part of the discussion the speed survey of June 2017 was considered. Clerk Kemp summarised the speed survey. The surveys were undertaken during 16th – 23rd June 2017.

“Data is captured across 24 hrs during 17th to 22nd . The data will include part of the day of the 16th and part of the day during 23rd when the equipment is being set up or taken down.

You’ll be pleased to see that speeds on Main Street (Grimston) are almost entirely within the speed limit, with mean speeds of just 20mph.

Speeds on Saxelbye Lane are higher, but mean speeds are within the speed limit at 27mph and the 85% percentile figure (the speed which 85% of the vehicles are not exceeding) is 36mph. “

Community Speed Watch (CSW) starts to record vehicle speeds at 36mph and above in 30mph limits. CSW are currently not being carried out due to un-typical driving patterns during Covid-19.

The speed survey did not show any issues with respect to the speed limit.

Cllr Easom noted that road surfacing, chipping work had occurred just before the speed survey took place, which could have kept traffic speeds down with ‘slow’ signs in place.


Cllr Easom talked about the volume of traffic being low in the village. The church bank is the best traffic control to have in the village as it slows down the traffic. Cllr Easom has not seen any speeding in the village. Very few pedestrians use the church path and use the road, which would indicate they do not see an issue.

He reflected that the roads are a lot safer now than when there Grimston Stud was in operation and when there were a lot more children in the village.

Cllr Read always runs through with her children to be traffic aware, and most vehicles drive well. Signs with how fast you are going is what catches her notice.

Cllr Marsh queried the yellow lines – is that the right signage? 20mph sign might not achieve much as it may need to be slower.

Cllr Lomas, reflecting on being on the council for 25 years, with this topic coming up every 5 years or so. The road narrowing by the church does slow cars down – a 20mph is an option.

Cllr Madocks summed up for the Clerk to establish the options and present at the next meeting. Clerk Kemp to respond to the member of the public.

  1. Internet provision within the Parish, an information gathering questionnaire has been drafted, this is to be updated and issued. Cllr Lomas to ask people around him; Cllr Madocks Wright to ask Saxelbye Park & Shoby. Then the Clerk to cross check to ensure all outlining houses are covered e.g. tunnel farm.
  2. Play Area Hedge cutting – the hedge the member of the public commented upon has been cut. The hedge alongside the swings needs attention and Cllr Read will speak with the tenant.
  3. The Act of Remembrance was due to be held at Grimston War Memorial 11th November 2020. This was changed to Sunday 8th November and lead by Paul Towns. £90 was raised for The British Legion.


  1. Matters arising
    1. The Financial Standing Order was adopted unanimously, this is based upon the NALC Model Financial Standing Order 2019 and includes internet banking. The general Standing Orders;  Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment will be presented over the next 3 meetings.
    2. The topic of encouraging Wildflowers was discussed following on from the public session. A member of the public re-emphasised that if we plant seeds and flowers, we must let them establish themselves, long grass and flowers or short plain grass.

After discussions, it was agreed that roadside mowing is very difficult to control as it is done by the LCC; and

agreed to put an article in Village Life to see what the parishioners wish to do with respect to biodiversity and to encourage people to come to the February Parish Council meeting to discuss.

  1. A condition check was carried out 10.11.2020 in the play area by Clerk Kemp. The seats are starting to crack badly & the goal net is in poor repair. Cllr Read to obtain quotes for the goal net. Clerk Kemp to contact the suppliers of the play area and one other to obtain 2 costs for swing repairs for the next meeting. Cllr Lomas remembers the goal without netting, but it was deemed necessary to have a net. There is £300 in this year’s budget for repairs.
  1. Planning Matters.

There are no new planning applications.

  1. Charnwood P/20/0762/2 and Six Hills Garden village 17/01374/OUT – no further update
  2. North and East Melton Mowbray Distributor Road MMDR Bulletin was sent 29/10/2020.

Depending on whether there are any sustained objections, the next stage is a public inquiry, timescales TBC. Subject to this it is expected that construction will start late spring 2022, and be completed early summer 2024.


  1. Correspondence
    1. Village Hall correspondence was received on a proposed new noticeboard. Ray Barrett sent a diagram to the Clerk regarding erecting a new noticeboard on the verge outside the village hall with paving slabs - This decision is not one for the Parish Council. Therefore, the Clerk contacted LRALC and the LCC.

LCC have confirmed “that the grass verge in question, as described in the correspondence below, forms part of the adopted public highway for which Leicestershire County Council is the Highway Authority”.

It is therefore a matter for the Village Hall committee to follow up, LCC reference is HRE 2011136.

Also the Village  Hall may need to apply for an advertising licence for the noticeboard from MBC.

Information to be forwarded to Ray Barrett by the Clerk. In summary the board needs to be on Village Hall land or for the Village Hall committee to deal with the LCC.

 & updated Guidance document for village halls has been sent to Brian Ravenscroft.

  1. For information there is a road closure in Saxelbye from 6th January for 3 days for STW
  2. Free volunteer forum scheme not to be progressed.
  3. A salt bin is not to be progressed.
  4. Trading Standards scam alert was raised, Trading Standards have been informed of companies cold calling offering ‘free surveys’ to residents as part of the Green Homes Grant.

Following the Government launch of the Green Homes Grant, Trading Standards reminds residents to exercise caution if they are looking to use the grant for improvements to their homes.

If you have any concerns about work that has been undertaken using the grant scheme, or if you have been approached by a suspicious trader operating in this field, you can report it to Trading Standards.

  1. Shared lives are looking for people to join them, opportunities to recruit new Shared Lives Carers to support adults in Leicestershire with learning disabilities, mental health, autism and Asperger’s, physical disabilities, sensory impairment, older people and people who are living with dementia.  Clerk to put information on the noticeboards.
  2. Groundwork Greater Nottingham are sourcing community groups for Tesco Bags of Help grant applications within the Melton Mowbray Region. This grant funding is for projects which would benefit the local community for up to £2k.

Which then would be down to the Tesco store vote with the blue tokens. 1st £2k, 2nd £1k and 3rd place £500 your group would be guaranteed minimum funding of £500 whatever the outcome, also once that funding is spent you can then apply again for another round. Clerk to present an application to the councillors and to send the information to the Village Hall and The Black Horse Community Group.

  1. Clerk to attend the Cyber & Fraud awareness session (Free & Online) run by RCC Thursday 3rd December, 1.30pm-2.30pm.
  2. Trading Standards officers from Leicestershire County Council are knocking on doors in the Melton area to identify bird owners, following a confirmed case of avian flu in the area.


  1. Website Arrangements update

A kick off meeting was held with 2commune on 23.11.2020 – attended by Clerk Kemp, Cllr Madocks Wright and Cllr Read and training held on 26.11.2020 for Clerk Kemp. All agendas and minutes are now PDFA – therefore ‘accessible’ on the new website. Aiming for mid-January launch. Clerk Kemp requested all councillors to look at the Beta version and feedback any comments.


  1. Finance
  2. Financial report as of 6th November 2020, deposit account unchanged at £2,145.92 and current account at £6,369.91 with 2 cheques totalling £680 outstanding, bringing the balance to £5,689.91.
  3. Payments unanimously approved as below:




BDG mowing contractors

Mowing for October



Electricity invoice for October lighting


And training costs of £80 approved for Clerk 2 and 3 training in February and March 2021.

  1. Progress on internet banking has been made with the HSBC forms to be signed and returned along with a copy of the Parish Council rules and regulations.
  2. The 2021 / 2022 Budget - Version 3 unanimously approved. This is a budget of £9227 – with the expectation that approx. £1250 costs will not occur. The 2020-2021 budget was £7965. The budget V3 has a precept of £7800.

The Clerk presented how the precept would affect the amount paid e.g. a band D property. Nick Sach from MBC  said  we will know the Band D equivalent property figure around 14th December. At the moment Band D property would go from approx. £52.76 per year to £64.30 per year. £1.20 - £1.60 a month increase.

  1. The HSBC letter reference Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATCA has been submitted with no further correspondence received.
  2. The VAT return has been submitted for the period 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020, for £204.34.
  3. A new PAYE reference is being progressed.
  4. Any Other Business and agenda points for next meeting

Alicia Kearns MP produces useful updates, Clerk to forward to the councillors as received.

Cllr Read would like us to light up our windows for Christmas. Clerk Kemp to get Cllr Read onto the community WhatsApp and for her to spread the word this way.


Date and Venue of the next Meeting -11th January 2021 on line.

Parish Council Meetings 2021 dates – February 22nd, March 29th - These will be held either in the Parishes’ Village Halls or by online arrangements. Annual Parish Meeting April 12th 2021 Annual Parish Council Meeting AGM May 17th 2021

The meeting closed at 21:05


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