Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council


Held MONDAY 24th August 2020 @ 19.30 via Zoom


Present: Chair - Cllr Etta Madocks Wright, Cllr Rupert Marsh, Cllr Richard Easom, Cllr Tony Lomas, Cllr Joe Orson Leader of Melton Borough Council, Clerk Janice Kemp and 1 member of the public.


  1. Apologies: Cllr Fleur Read, District Cllr Ronan Browne for Frisby Ward  
  2. Cllr Madocks Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting and briefed the protocols for the on line meeting, including the information that the meeting would be recorded.
  3. During the Public questions and comments on items on the agenda, Cllr Orson spoke that Coronavirus still dominates the MBC alongside the damaging financial effect on the Council. The planning white paper is still at an early stage and Cllr Orson will request Jim Worley, Assistant Director for Planning and Delivery, to keep us posted. The devolution bill is due in Parliament in the autumn with 7 local MPs supporting a status quo with no fundamental changes. Cllr Orson has met with the NFU, although Covid-19 has impacted less on farming than other sectors, there is uncertainty in the weather, pricing and Brexit. 

Cllr Orson briefed that following MBC banning sky lanterns and helium balloons from all council owned properties, this is being proposed to LCC.

  1. Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda - none
  2. The Councillors unanimously approved the minutes of the meeting of 27th July 2020 and these were signed by Cllr Madocks Wright.


  1. Matters Arising from Minutes 27th July 2020
  2. The Village Green registration update – no further information from Mr Layzell-Smith of Hunters Law, chasing Email sent 28th July - Clerk Kemp to chase.
  3. Cllr Madocks Wright received an email from GRC & GRP Tribunals, Leicester – First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber) on 23rd July  CR/2020/0006; Haydn David Wakefield vs Melton Borough Council Appeal against the ACV

The Parish Council have been requested, as second responders, to submit comments.

The main focus of Mr Wakefield's appeal is that the living accommodation should not be included in the ACV status and therefore the ACV listing should be deleted.

In connection with The Black Horse ACV, a community group has been formed, Cllr Madocks Wright noted that she has been asked to attend these meetings as a non-voting Parish Council representative.

  1. A webinar on planning was held for the councillors on Tuesday 11th August from Jim Worley of MBC.
  2. A COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the play area has been carried out. Signage put up, requesting that people use own hand sanitizer and socially distance in the playground etc

A play area checklist for condition has been drawn up.

  1. The Grimston phone box has been painted by Simon Downward 10.08.2020 – a letter of thanks to be sent.
  2. The Saxelbye phone box , the contract has been received from Community Heartbeat, approval for a £1 payment needed to progress ownership was given. Chris Woodhouse had originally offered to paint this phone box, once ownership is confirmed, Clerk Kemp to make contact.

The defibrillator is checked monthly regularly by Mr Neil Bailey. He will advise Cllr Marsh of any requirements and the bill will come to Clerk Kemp. Mr Bailey asked if the white posts in Saxelbye could be  painted in the coming year and this will be considered as part of the 2021/22 budget.

  1. The email from Mr H Wakefield of 14th July 2020 to the Parish Council has been forwarded to Mr M Petty.
  2. 20/00656/FUL 30m x 40m arena for dressage training, Saxelbye, comments have been put onto the MBC planning portal.
  3. Cllr Lomas reported fly-tipping on the A6006, near the Shoby Lane junction. This was reported to MBC with their on line reporting tool and the fly tipping has been removed.


  1. Matters arising
  2. The Councillors unanimously agreed to publish the Notice of public rights and publication of Annual Governance and Accounts return (AGAR), from 25th August to 7th October 2020. This complies with the requirement for the notice to start on or before 1st September 2020.
  3. The Councillors unanimously agreed that it is too early to make comment on the White paper on planning and with the experts in this field still reviewing, the Parish Council would await further information.
  4. The Clerk’s appointment was confirmed unanimously by the Councillors, following a review by Cllr Lomas and Cllr Madocks Wright on 4th August 2020.


  1. Correspondence
  2. MBC Councils provisional out turn was presented by Clerk Kemp for the council’s information.
  3. LRALC confirmed that Zoom meeting recordings can be deleted once the minutes are signed as agreed.
  4. Warm homes fund email 14.08.2020 “You may or may not be aware that LCC and e-on are currently promoting the Warm Homes Fund across Melton Borough and would like our help to support the project. It’s a great scheme and could help many people out of fuel poverty.” All I would ask is if you could make residents aware of the scheme, and if they do qualify , then apply. Posters about this to be displayed on the noticeboards.
  5. Ward recycling email 17.08.2020, the Councillors unanimously agreed that they do not wish the Parish Council to set up clothes recycling, as there are quite a few around this area and a nearby charity shop.
  6. Rural community council charity is £60 p.a.- In line with the Council’s policy of not contributing to charities, this will not be progressed.
  7. LCC have received funds to enable bus shelters in the County to be cleaned and a poster regarding Safe Transport displayed.   Over the coming weeks they will be cleaning all the bus shelters, including the bus shelters in the parish. 
  8. The Councillors unanimously agreed to the Clerk using the noticeboards for information and to stop using the bus shelters for notices.
  9. The Great British September Clean is 11 to 27 September, a poster is to be put up. Clerk Kemp is committing to clearing the bus shelter near the village green.
  10. Email from a member of the public has raised concerns about the safety of local children on bikes and scooters on Main Street, Grimston where the road narrows near the church. After discussions, it was agreed that Cllr Madocks Wright would contact the parents of local children to share the concerns for their children’s safety.
  11. LRALC round robin key correspondence included for the Parish Council to continue with virtual meetings & there were no Councillors wishing to attend the virtual AGM 14th  


  1. Website Arrangements update

Clerk Kemp has had on line presentations from 2commune and TEEC and reviewed Wix to replace the current unsupported Stuart Inkley created website.

A separate document has been circulated on this, with the Councillors unanimously agreeing to have a hosted website and progress further questions with 2commune. New web content accessibility guidelines are coming into place from 21st September for Council websites. If the Council progressed Wix, this would not provide the support to keep the website in line with current and future requirements. The other companies can deliver training and support, and provide reliability for the users and website visitors, as well as having Parish Council expertise. The current website needs HTML coding knowledge, which none of the Councillors or Clerk have. Of the 2, the 2commune is preferred.

Pecuniary interests are now on the MBC website and out of date ones have been removed from the website.

  1. Finance
  1. Deposit account as of 6th August was £2,144.87
  2. Current account

Opening balance of 6th July

Payments in

Payments out ( of account)

Closing balance of 6th August





Cheques uncashed as of 6th August


  1. All cheques presented for approval at the last full meeting have been posted.
  2. Payments for approval for August - below.





Bookkeeping and year end accounting training taken 03.03.2020


BDG mowing contractors

Mowing for July


Community Heartbeat

£1 cost for Saxelbye Telephone kiosk



Electricity invoice for July lighting


  1. Advice was sought from LRALC on reserves: LRALC response is: The reserves is something the Council should have. The range is between 9-12 months running costs. This is very important, it has been highlighted during COVID-19, not in this area but in other areas Principle Authorities have been unable to pay the second half of some precepts due to the financial impact of the pandemic. The Councillors agreed to review this as part of the 2021/22 budget process.
  2. The VAT return will be progressed, the last claim was up to 31.01.2019 on 4th January 2020.
  1. Planning Matters.
  1. Footpath changes have been advised by LCC affecting diversion of E14 and part of G62 & H34; removal of restricted byway G60a and creation of bridleway G60a.
  2. 20/00842/TCA - The Old School House, 8 Main Street, Grimston for Tree Pollarding. This was used as an example of planning discrepancies during the webinar with Jim Worley, the letter asking for comments was sent on paper which was watermarked ‘information only’. The Councillors agreed to make comments and Cllr Madocks Wright is to visit the location. The deadline is 28th
  3. 20/00477/FUL Withdrawal of planning application of the Builders Yard, Grimston


  1. Any Other Business.
  • Cllr Marsh raised the concern of long lorries on Ostler Lane, Saxelbye. With long lorries unable to turn safely. Cllr Marsh to contact the highways department.
  • Cllr Marsh raised a sapling tree that was affecting Ostler Lane, Saxelbye was removed by LCC.
  • Cllr Madocks Wright raised concern of a poor-quality manhole cover, Saxelbye and will contact the highways department.
  • Clerk Kemp to circulate the highways information link to Cllr Marsh and Cllr Madocks Wright.
  • Cllr Marsh raised that 2 members of the public have mentioned garden lights being very bright in Saxelbye. Cllr Marsh to contact the conservation officer for advice.


  1. Date and Venue of the next Meeting –28th September 2020 on line.

Parish Meetings 2020 26th October, 30th November – these will be held either in the Parishes’ Village Halls or by online arrangements.

Parish Meetings 2021 dates – January 11th, February 22nd, March 29th

Annual Parish Meeting April 12th 2021

Annual Parish Council Meeting AGM May 17th 2021



Chair to sign the minutes as approved


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