Grimston, Saxelbye & Shoby Parish Council


Present: Chair - Cllr Etta Madocks Wright, Cllr Richard Easom, Cllr Rupert Marsh, Cllr Tony Lomas, Cllr Fleur Read, Cllr Ronan Browne of Melton Borough Council, Cllr Joe Orson of Leicestershire County Council and the incoming clerk Janice Kemp (JK) and outgoing clerk Bharat Rana (BR) with 3 members of the public. Apologies: none

1. Cllr Madocks Wright welcomed everyone to the meeting and briefed the protocols for the on line meeting, including the information that the meeting would be recorded.

2. Following a discussion on elections, Cllr Easom proposed, seconded by Cllr Read to keep the Council positions as they are with the current impact of Coronavirus on the way the meetings are run on line. The Chairman remains as Cllr Etta Madocks Wright and Vice Chairman as Cllr Tony Lomas. Clerk to issue new Declarations of Acceptance of Office forms alongside Registration of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and other interests to the Cllrs for them to sign and be returned to the clerk.

3. During the public questions and comments session Cllr Orson and Cllr Browne gave an overview of the impact of Coronavirus on LCC and MBC.

4. Declarations of Interest on items on the agenda – none

5. The Councillors unanimously approved the minutes of the previous meeting of 4th May 2020 and these were signed by Cllr Madocks Wright. 6. Matters arising from Minutes 4th May 2020 • Confirmation on the Village Green registration is outstanding. • The village trough – is it on the deeds of the owner of the land? If not then are there other ways of protecting it? • Standing order referencing remote meetings was approved by Cllrs.

7. Matters Arising: The Website arrangements to be added to the agenda each month until satisfactorily resolved.

8. Correspondence: LRALC latest advice on Coronavirus received is to continue to hold virtual meetings Rogue trading incidents advised from TSO Reopening of waste sites, there will be a booking system at Melton Mowbray on the website. Grimston and Saxelbye PCC requesting financial assistance in mowing and maintenance of the churchyards On March 2019 Grimston PCC received £125 & Saxelbye PCC received £125. The budget shows £100 for PCC mowing in 2020/2021 budget. Cllrs agreed to pay as previous year, cheques to be presented for payment at next meeting.

9. Finance: The 2019/2020 accounts were presented with the following questions • What area does the wayleave relate to? Clerk to circulate map. The Wayleave of £20.71 will be paid 1st January each year from now. Confirmed by Western Power. • What is CTS as shown on the Precept? Cllr Browne to confirm • Change the dates on the form - Clerk to action The accounts will be represented at the next Parish Council meeting for signing off along with the Annual Governance Statement. The AGAR deadline has been delayed until 31st July.

Clerk: Mrs Janice Kemp c/o Sycamore Lodge, 15a Main Street, Grimston, Leicestershire LE14 3BZ Telephone: 07776 419328 Email: Invoices approved to be paid.
Name total
BDG mowing in April £50.00 Eon street lighting maintenance – overdue invoice from 04/03/2020 £44.64 BHIB insurance £335.90 Clerk’s pay for May £175.00 Stationary -stamps £13.00

• New accounting year to be set up by Clerk Kemp and at the next Parish Meeting, the accounts for April and May will be presented. • Clerk Kemp had a concern that £750 was due to be paid to the Joy estate for the village green registration, Clerk Rana clarified that this was not the case and was a gift from the Joy estate to the Parish Council and no invoice is due.
10. Planning Matters. • Update on 20/00391/FUL Black Horse application. Change of use – part conversion of public house to 2 bedroom flat. Alterations to first floor flat access. Conversion of outbuilding to 2 bedroom dwelling. Retain part public house. There is a large majority of objections to this application on the MBC planning portal. 21st May is the deadline for comments. The planning committee meeting is the end of June. Cllr Marsh asked about the appeal on the Asset of Community Value (ACV), it was confirmed that we do not hear until resolved and the appeal will be heard by 10th June. • Update on 20/00270/GDOCOU Brook Farm, Saxelbye application. Conversion of existing open hay barn to dwelling. Cllr Marsh made note that there could be road congestion and this will be put into the comments submitted by the Parish Council onto the planning portal. • 11. Any Other Business. Cllr Lomas has volunteered to attend to the weeds around the Grimston war memorial and thanks were given for this.

12. Date and Venue of next Meetings Online 22nd June 19.30 by Zoom Parish Meetings 2020 agreed as 27thJuly, 28th September, 26th October, 30th November – these will be held either in the Parishes’ Village Halls or by online arrangements. Parish Meetings 2021 dates – January 11th, February 22nd, March 29th Annual Parish Meeting April 12th 2021 Annual Parish Council Meeting AGM May 17th 2021
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